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Change is Good When It’s Free, Easy, and Has a Happy Endpoint

When a company announces a new version of something I rely upon in my personal life, like Apple announcing a new iPhone, I cringe.  Of course, the thought of the latest and best is exciting, but the thought of upgrading – the cost, the hassle – usually makes me wait (longer than my teenage son would like).  The same can be said for our customers who are happy using McAfee virus protection to secure their environment.

As a McAfee senior product marketing manager focused on endpoint security and endpoint detection and response solutions for enterprises, I can tell you that today that’s not enough. Cyberthreats continue to evolve, no matter how much we resist change. We must move to a modern endpoint defense solution that can detect zero-day threats, and stop them in their tracks.

Now, wait a minute before you go running for aspirin because you are thinking, “This is going to cost a lot of money! This is going to be complex and hard to manage!” We thought about that. Upgrading may be easier than you think.

The latest McAfee Endpoint Security Solution (ENS) is a free security upgrade that integrates several capabilities that were managed separately before.  Now that cost is out of the way, let’s talk about why there is so much buzz around ENS. Upgrading to the current version means you get a shared ecosystem where collaboration can happen, yet you only have to manage a single agent and significantly fewer policies. It’s the best of both worlds, freeing you to quickly detect, analyze, block, and contain attacks in progress.

This framework is built to centralize even more of your endpoint solutions. Instead of adding complexity and more management tools, you can plug in new capabilities as your business grows. This helps you better identify threats, and respond faster.

McAfee ENS provides a 25% boost in protection1, fully integrated EDR, and a single-agent architecture. If you’re wondering what changes you need to make for your environment, we thought about that too.  We have an upgraded McAfee Endpoint Upgrade Assistant (EUA).  EUA quickly and easily analyzes your environment and provides an easy workflow preparing your endpoints for migration.  When used in conjunction with our Endpoint Security Migration assistant, the security policies and configurations from previous installations are maintained. This allows you to unlock the benefits of ENS without breaking continuity with established security policies.

If you’re still not ready to make the change, consider one more reason.  It’s a great return on your investment. Customers tell us every day that incidents of ransomware have been almost eliminated. They tell us they have fewer management costs, and increased visibility.

Want to hear for yourself? Listen to a webinar replay of our customers discussing his migration experience. Convinced? OK, let’s put that bottle of aspirin down, and go to www.mcafee.com/MovetoENS to get started.

1 A recent study by AV-Comparatives shows that upgrading to McAfee Endpoint Security gives you a 25% higher protection rate than McAfee VirusScan Enterprise against zero-day threats.

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