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TrueMove H, the biggest 4G mobile operator in Thailand suffered a data leak

TrueMove H, the biggest 4G mobile operator in Thailand suffered a data leak, 46000 people’s data store on an AWS bucked were left on accessible online, including driving licenses and passports.

Let’s speak about a new data breach, this time the victim is TrueMove H, the biggest 4G mobile operator in Thailand.

The operator exposed online customers personal data that were stored in an Amazon AWS S3 bucket.

The leaked data also includes scans of identity documents, the data were left accessible until April 12, when the company restricted the access.

The huge trove of data was discovered by security researcher Niall Merrigan that attempted to notify the issue to TrueMove H, but the operator did not respond.

Merrigan told El Reg that the AWS bucked contained 46,000 records for a total of 32GB.

The experts published a blog post on the case, he explained that tools like bucket stream and bucket-finder allow scanning the internet for open S3 AWS buckers.

Merrigan used the bucket-finder tool to find open S3 Buckets when noticed the one belonging to the TrueMove H.

“The output from bucket-finder showed several issues such as config files, source code and other potential information disclosures. Bucket finder only gets the top 1000 files via the AWS S3 API. To simplify things, I loaded the results into a small SQL database for analysis. I found all the sites that had 1000 files and did a quick visual scan to see what they contained and if there was a way to identify the owner if the need arose.” wrote the expert.

“One such owner was True Move H, the second largest mobile operator in Thailand,” 

TrueMove H

“Representatives of the telco initially told him to ring its head office when he asked for the contact details of a security response staffer before telling him his concerns had been passed on some two weeks later, after El Reg began asking questions on the back of Merrigan’s findings.reported El Reg.

TrueMove H has issued a statement to clarify that the data leak affected their subsidiary I True Mart. 

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