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Polish intelligence dismantled a network of Russian spies

Polish intelligence dismantled a cell of Russian spies that gathered info on military equipment deliveries to Ukraine via the EU member.

Polish counter-intelligence has dismantled a cell of Russian spies that gathered information on the provisioning of military equipment to Ukraine via the EU member.

“The ABW counter-intelligence agency has arrested nine people suspected of working for the Russian secret service,” Poland’s Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski told reporters. “The suspects had been conducting espionage activities against Poland and preparing acts of sabotage on behalf of Russian intelligence services.”

The suspects are “foreigners from across Poland’s eastern border,” Kaminski added.

Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak also confirmed that the network has been dismantled by the country’s counter-intelligence.

Polish authorities charged six suspects with espionage and participation in an organized criminal group. The other three individuals arrested by the authorities were still being questioned. The member of the spy network received regular payment from the Russian secret services.

Kaminski also added that the cell was planning acts of sabotage to interfere with the delivery of military equipment and aid to Ukraine. The group was also involved in carrying out propaganda activity to destabilize Polish-Ukrainian relations as well as fomenting anti-NATO sentiment in Poland.

“The suspects had also been preparing acts of sabotage meant to paralyze the delivery of military equipment, arms, and Ukraine aid,” Kaminski declared.

The agents of the Polish Internal Security Agency ABW seized electronic equipment and GPS transmitters that once installed on trains carrying aid to Ukraine allowed Russian intelligence to track the shipments.

Local media, such as the Polish radio station RMF, reported that the spies installed hidden cameras on important railway routes and junctions, recording and transmitting data on traffic.

The Polish intelligence fears sabotage operations against railroads and critical infrastructure involved in the provisioning of military equipment to Ukraine.

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